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Ensuring help is always there

Emergencies & Out of Hours

Our out of hours emergency provision is now provided by our partners Vets Now.

Some things will not change

If you require out-of-hours assistance:

You will be directed to the Vets Now contact centre where their experienced call handlers will be waiting to help. 

The Vets Now contact centre is supported by vets who can provide free advice over the phone and help decide whether your pet needs to be seen by them.  Please don’t hesitate to call them if you are at all concerned. If required, you will be advised to visit your nearest clinic where you will be seen by the emergency team who are on-site 24/7 providing round-the-clock care, meaning any hospitalised pets will never be alone.

Vets Now also offer an online video consultation service called Video Vets Now which can be accessed from our website and booked online between the hours of 8am and 11pm. A vet can then assess and advise as to whether your pet needs to be seen by an out-of-hours vet if you are unsure. These consultations cost £24 but are refunded if you need to be seen either by ourselves or Vets Now. Please note, vets are unable to prescribe medication following an online consultation.

We know clients prefer to see their normal vet at their familiar practice and so we want to continue to provide this service as much as possible. For this reason, we have extended our Saturday opening times, please see our revised opening times below:

Opening Times (excluding Bank Holidays)

Mon – Fri 8.30am-6.30pm (Door open from 8am)
Saturday 8.30am-5pm
(note the reception is closed from 12:30pm on Saturdays: please only call after this time if you have an urgent concern as this phoneline is for emergencies and sick pets only. We also politely request clients attend the practice via the back door after this time as the front doors will be locked)

Find your nearest Vets Now practice here