Letitia Rock


Letitia Rock
Letitia Rock Receptionist

My name is Letitia but everyone calls me Tish. I joined the team at Belmont Vets in February 2022 because of my love for animals, but before I joined the practice, I worked in a Hereford dental practice as a dental nurse for 7 years where I had various roles and responsibilities. 

I absolutely love all animals especially cats and I have two of my own rescued house cats called Freddie (who follows me everywhere and is names after Freddie Mercury from the band Queen) and Toby (who never stops eating), Freddie of which I rescued all the way from Dubai! 

In my spare time I like to chill at home with my partner and our cats' watching films or enjoy hosting a good games night with friends or family so if I'm not at work, that's what I will be up to!"